15 Cormorant Lane. Combermere Ontario | 613-756-9420
About Dye Devereux
Expressing Nature's Beauty with a Brush Stroke

When asked to define my painting style I used to struggle.
What exactly is it? I found that hard to pin down.
Until someone said to me “Quirky Realism
I immediately identified. Yes! That is what it is!
It is Quirky Realism...Whatever that is.
There is something in my style even I cannot explain.
People say my paintings seem alive, they want to move in close, they hold back from touching them. As an artist I like that, it tells me they are truly feeling and seeing my work.

When asked to define myself I come back to my art. We are one and the same.
I like details because I think they matter. I also like vague suggestion, because it inspires.
I like contrast because it is invigorating. I also like quiet harmony because it is soothing.
I like to invite people to step into my paintings, because I want them to notice.
I also like to hide elements of my work, because I feel an inquisitive nature should be rewarded and encouraged to always look for more.

I love my studio, but really, my art was created in my mind and my experiences long before I ever dipped a brush into paint.

I am a dreamer and a wonderer. I have been fortunate to live my life off the beaten path, in remote small villages, surrounded by nature. It is there, in the quiet places that I am at home and feel inspired.

I was born in Ontario, then wandered off to spend over half my life in the wild places of British Columbia. Now, I have returned, as people often do, to my roots. I have established home in Combermere, Ontario. A gorgeous little spot at the edge of Algonquin Park. A place of friendly faces and spectacular beauty nestled in The Madawaska Valley. Here I share my life with my husband, my dog, my community, and my fabulous family members who come and fill our home with laughter on a regular basis.

I invite you to visit or get in touch. If you love nature, sunrises, misty mornings, and art studios nestled in cozy gardens you will love Cormorant Lane.

I could say more about my inspirations and process, about myself, about my journey, but I won't. Ultimately what you see in my art is to be interpreted by you, not me. I think of it as you meeting me, I present myself, my essence is in my artwork, you decide how that fits for you based on how it makes you feel.